Boo! Cackle! Cackle! Getting dressed up for Halloween

Mac Olsen

Express Staff



Students at schools in the area got dressed up for Halloween on Oct. 31,

Each school held their own activities throughout the day, and here’s a sample of the costumes.

Look for coverage of Ecole Providence’s Halloween event on the front page of the Nov. 8 edition of the Smoky River Express.

Also, look for a two-page centre spread of the Ecole Heritage, Ecole Routhier and Ecole Providence activities in the same edition.

And look for photos of the students and staff at Georges P. Vanier in Halloween attire in the Nov. 15 edition of the Express.

Finally, look for several photos of the Halloween tournament at Smoky Lanes Bowling in Girouxville, in the same edition.

Pictured above, left-right, are Karter Cloutier and Mila Roy at Ecole Heritage.


Pictured above, left-right, are Payton Dusseault and Anabelle Jacob at Ecole Heritage.
Principal Diane Benoit at Ecole Routhier takes her siesta standing up.
Nothing can be scarier than a clown, but Dominic Sliger at Ecole Routhier seems to handle the role well.

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