Bill 16 would make Alberta’s roads safer, says minister

Government of Alberta
News release

The Government of Alberta is introducing amendments to the Traffic Safety Act to protect Albertans with legislation that addresses current traffic safety issues. “As Minister of Transportation, my primary objective is to ensure that passengers, pedestrians and drivers are safe. We are making amendments to the Traffic Safety Act to enhance public safety and to ensure fairness and transparency for all Albertans.”
– Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation.

Nine amendments to the Traffic Safety Act would clarify regulations for some transportation operations and clarify enforcement regulations.

These amendments would establish regulations for Transportation Network Companies, modify rules related to impaired driving (e.g. exemptions from the Ignition Interlock Program) and address minor inconsistencies in the current legislation.

Most sections of the Traffic Safety Act came into effect in 2003.

A review of the Traffic Safety Act began in 2012.

Due to the complexity of the review, it was divided into multiple phases.

The Bill 16 amendments represent Phase 2.

Changes proposed under Phase 1 resulted in passage of the Enhancing Safety on Alberta Roads Act in 2013, which gave municipalities greater control over playground zones and allowed for designated highway lanes to deal with unique traffic flow problems.

Alberta Transportation has consulted with stakeholders and traffic safety partners in developing these amendments.

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