Bike rodeo held at Ecole Heritage

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The parking lot at Ecole Heritage was cleared last week, as young children took to the pavement to learn bicycle safety.

The school held a bike rodeo in the parking lot on May 30. Students in Mme. Maryse Simon’s Grade 1 class learned about the importance of wearing a helmet. They also learned about hand signals and looking in both directions before proceeding, as well as riding in figure-eights.

Colette Elko, a public health nurse for Alberta Health Services in High Prairie, organized the bike rodeo.

Elko comments that it’s a bicycle safety clinic, featuring a safety lecture about proper helmet use and fitting, bicycle fit, maintenance and the rules of the road.

Above, Wyatt Marczyk tries the figure eight.
Nicolas Levesque practices his hand signals.
Brielle Maisonneuve starts through the course.
Zara Chenard learns the importance of hand signals from Linda Dionne Marcoux, a public health nurse at Ecole Heritage.
Above, Derrick Anctil starts his run in the course.

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