Attracting new businesses to Falher would also mean more youth would stay here, says incumbent

Rene Limoges

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Rene Limoges is seeking a second term on the Falher council and he emphasizes that if new businesses can be attracted, more youth could be attracted to stay in the community too.

If you can attract youth to stay here, that’s huge,” says Limoges. “Any new business that starts in the area is huge. Even two or three new jobs means the potential for two or three new families to live here.”

Limoges left Falher in 1994, but he came back in 2008 to work in the petroleum industry. Falher has also been home for Limoges, as he and his wife were born and raised in this area.

Their two children go to school here and he hopes they have employment prospects in the area after graduation.

Limoges hopes that residential construction will start in the new subdivision, located across from the Centre Chevalier, in the near future.

If re-elected, Limoges looks forward to working with the new council and the other municipalities to create prosperity, because it’s in everyone’s interest.

We need to work together as a group,” says Limoges.

I believe in everybody working together. We all want the area to thrive.”

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