Assessment and action tool for farmers

Spotlight Staff

The Business Assessment and Action Tool (BAAT) resource is now available to the agriculture and food processing sectors.

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF), with support from Growing Forward 2, developed the new tool to help agriculture and food processors determine the areas where improvement is needed to grow their businesses,” says Margurite Thiessen, value chain specialist for AF.

The first step to using BATT is to contact an AF development officer, says an AF news release dated Sept. 25.

BAAT has been developed for Alberta processors to help them incorporate global best practices, find opportunities for further improvement, and leverage programs and opportunities provided by AF, as well as the federal-provincial-territorial Growing Forward 2 programs,” Thiessen says.

Linking the business’s main growth opportunities with resources, such as best management practices, educational seminars, programs or grants will help the business to grow in the areas that are most needed.

The development officer will first introduce the BAAT concept to you, and then arrange an in-person meeting to complete the full assessment,” says Thiessen.

Ultimately, the value of your own assessment and action plan is to identify opportunities for your business to become more efficient, reduce risks and grow in a sustainable manner.”

Following the completion of the assessment, the results are prepared into a report.

The development officer will provide this report to you and plan to review the areas showing the greatest opportunities.

Producers will create an action plan for a one- to three-year period as the final step.

The plan will include strategies for the business to access the most beneficial resources, the best management practices, and any grants and programs that can help fill the gaps identified by the assessment.

For more information, contact either Thiessen by phone at (780) 968-3513, or contact any AF development officer.

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