April 16th, 2018 Donnelly Council Meeting Summary

CAO Rita Maure
Village of Donnelly

Regional Asset Management Project
Council moved to award the contract to Beairsto & Associates Engineering Ltd. as consultants for the Regional Municipal Asset Management Project.

Smoky River Transportation
Council will send a letter to the MLA and cc Ministers requesting that the Province provide some funding for the Smoky River Transportation program.

Minister of Seniors Awards
Council has made a motion to nominate an organization and an individual for the Seniors Service Awards.
These individuals will be contacted to confirm their acceptance as part of the nomination process.

Request for 8-foot Snowdrift Fence
Council will respond by letter to the request for an 8-foot snowdrift fence, explaining that this is not within the mandate of the Municipality.
However, if residents wish to erect a fence at their cost, along their property lines, they may do so as long as they follow the Land Use Bylaw.

2018 Heritage Awards
Council moved to nominate an organization, pending their eligibility and their acceptance for the 2018 Heritage Awards.

Air Ambulance Service
Council will send a letter to the Minister of Health to request reassurance that the level of service for the air ambulance service will remain the same as we previously had.

Planning & Development 101
Council authorized the CAO to attend the Planning & Development 101 session in Peace River on May 11, 2018. The session will be discussing the Legalization of Cannabis and the impact on Municipal Planning & Development.

Northern Alberta Elected Leaders – Caribou Delegation
Council will vote in support of the NAEL Chair and Vice-Chair being considered as part of the delegation to go to Ottawa to discuss the Woodland Caribou conservation.

Complaint “Grading on Doyle Ave”
Council received as information the complaints made about the grading on Doyle Ave.


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