Annual general meeting for the Centre Chevaliers

Express Staff

The board for the Centre Chevaliers held their annual general meeting in the evening of June 12.

The board members stayed the same, but they have one more director. The executive consists of:

. President is Andre Maisonneuve.
. Vice-Present is Rene Limoges.
. Secretary is Denise Maisonneuve.

Maisonneuve presented his report during the meeting.

The directors are Daren Cote and the new director is Laurie Morin.

Denise Maisonneuve was nominated to be the secretary for the AGM and accepted. Andre Maisonneuve was nominated as Chairman of the Board and accepted.

Diane Chiasson was nominated as the President of Elections and accepted.

Their bookkeeper/accountant is Ashley Doran. She could not attend, so Esther Picard presented the verified financial statements and they were accepted as presented.

Esther Picard, who is the hall manager, presented her report by talking mostly about the changes that were done upstairs to increase the capacity from 39 to 60 people.

She says it was just a matter of moving things out of the way and clearing the space and it didn’t cost the board any money to do it.


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