An evening with Trin and Ariane

Ariane Cote and Trin Potratz performed songs from their new six-song CD, entitled ‘Trin & Ariane’, for their audience at the Club Alouette in Falher on March 11.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff
Trin Potratz and Ariane Cote returned to their old stomping grounds on March 11, performing at the Club Alouette in Falher that evening.

They are continuing to make their way in the entertainment world, which included singing songs from their new CD entitled ‘Trin & Ariane’.

“This is for our career,” says Cote.
“We’re promoting our songs and it’s always nice to come back and do a show for our fans.”

Five of the songs on their CD are entitled:
. Guitars Round a Camp Fire.
. Finding a Way Not to Hurt.
. I’d Rather Be Kissing.
. I Ain’t Drinking Any Less.
. You Buy the Dress.

They didn’t disclose the name of the other song, as it’s possibly going to be used by another singer.

They’ve been performing as a duo for three years. Potratz has been performing since he was 16 and Cote has been singing since she can remember. The music industry is where they’d like to make themselves known.

“As we get more gigs, we have more aspirations,” says Cote. “When I met Trin, that’s when I wanted to grow my music career.”

They perform mainly in the Peace Country, but they are using their new CD as a spring board for other venues. Their new CD will become their demo for those venues.

Check the Smoky River Express’ Facebook page for videos of several songs that they performed, including one from their new CD.

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