All the battles are not lost on Parliament Hill

MP Arnold Viersen

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Opposition political parties are well-known for losing debates with the ruling government, but sometimes victories are scored.

Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen issued a news release March 17 citing the positive effect the United Conservative Party has had influencing government policy.

“As the Official Opposition, Conservatives are using every tool and every opportunity to advance policies and legislation that actually help Canadians as we re-open for business,” says Viersen.

“I’m proud of what our team has accomplished and look forward to what we can do when we form government.”

The Conservative accomplishments in Parliament for the week of March 8-12 ionclude:

  • Persuaded the Liberals to finally bring forward legislation to close the Liberal-made loophole to hand vacationers $1,000 to self-isolate when returning to Canada;
  • Secured time to pass the Canada-United Kingdom Free Trade agreement – getting more certainty for businesses who trade with the UK;
  • Passed a Conservative motion to secure support for workers in the hospitality, tourism, and charitable sectors in the next budget;
  • Our motion also requires the government to improve support programs for small businesses within 30 days to prevent a wave of bankruptcies and layoffs;
  • Passed a Conservative Bill to protect farmers and their livestock from trespassers;
  • Proposed the Environmental Restoration Incentive Act to create jobs in the west and help small oil and gas operations clean up oil wells;
  • Initiated a parliamentary investigation into attempts to cover-up sexual misconduct by the former chief of defence staff and the threats made against the whistleblower;
  • Issued a summons for Marc and Craig Kielburger to get to get to the bottom of the WE charity scandal;
  • Voted for a national framework for Canadians living with diabetes.

The party vows to keep working hard in the best interests of Canadians.

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