Alberta RCMP focus August enforcement efforts on distracted driving

Express Staff

Summers are a great time for Albertans to hit the roads and enjoy outdoor activities. With Heritage Day coming up, police expect an increased volume of drivers on Alberta roads.

During the 2018 Heritage Day long weekend, there were eight fatalities and 39 injuries as a result of motor vehicle collisions in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions.

“We remind Albertans that distracted driving can severely limit a driver’s ability to focus on driving and road conditions,” says Supt. Rick Gardner, Alberta Traffic Sheriffs.

“Make sure to always put electronics away and to be prepared for unexpected actions of other road users and changing driving conditions such as construction.”

“From January to June 2019, 5,063 distracted driving-related tickets were issued in Alberta RCMP jurisdictions. These high-risk driving behaviours are unacceptable,” says Supt. Gary Graham, Alberta RCMP Traffic Services.

“Distracted driving can be as dangerous as impaired driving. Travelling safely from one location to another on our roadways is a shared responsibility: Whether someone is an experienced driver or a new one, we all need to work together to keep our roads safe.”

We encourage road users to practice the following traffic safety tips:

· During construction season, follow all road signage to be prepared for speed changes and lane closures.
· Motorcyclists and cyclists should always ensure they are wearing the proper protective gear.
· For drivers new to Alberta, always ensure that you know and are following the rules of the road as they can differ from country to country and even province to province.

The Alberta RCMP will continue to work with Alberta Sheriffs and other law enforcement and safety partners to ensure Albertans make the right driving decisions.

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