The Alberta government welcomes B.C.’s decision regarding Kinder Morgan

Government of Alberta
News release
Premier Rachel Notley issued the following statement regarding the B.C. government’s environmental approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline:

“The Government of Alberta welcomes the Trans Mountain pipeline announcement made today (January 11) by the Government of British Columbia.
“With British Columbia now satisfied that their five conditions have been met, we take an important step forward towards the completion of this critical pipeline project.
“I had an opportunity to visit British Columbia before the holidays to answer questions about the project. Our two provinces share a commitment to creating jobs and economic opportunities for families as well as a deep commitment to environmental protection.
“Working families shouldn’t have to choose between good jobs and the environment. World-class environmental standards and a strong economy that benefits working people must go hand-in-hand. The Kinder Morgan pipeline offers us an historic opportunity to demonstrate that these values can – and must – go hand in hand.
“I have been pleased to work with Premier Clark and Prime Minister Trudeau to advance and defend these values, and to make sure these values are part of our national conversation.
“British Columbia has now secured the commitment of the federal government for world-leading marine protection and significant financial benefits to further protect British Columbia’s environment for many years to come.
“This is very good news.
“It demonstrates clearly that there is a right way to get these projects done. After years of failure by former conservative governments, this government was elected to take a new approach.
“Instead of shouting at our computer screens and political grandstanding, we brought people together to have a respectful conversation about climate change and the future of our energy industry.
“It was hard, but necessary work to move Alberta forward, and it resulted in the most aggressive response to climate change anywhere in North America. The Climate Leadership Plan is built on the central idea that to move Alberta forward, we had to stop shouting at each other from our respective corners and come together to have a thoughtful and respectful conversation about climate change and the future of our energy industry – an industry that is hugely important to our national economy.
“And it resulted in the federal government’s approval of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline.
“In closing, I welcome this news from our neighbours in British Columbia and I thank Prime Minister Trudeau and the federal government for the work they have done to make sure this project is safe and that the conditions British Columbia set out were met.
“We are now closer than ever to breaking Alberta’s landlock and fixing a problem that has dogged our province for decades.
“Let’s keep moving forward.”

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