A tree for all seasons

The orange Christmas tree in the lobby at the Sacred Heart Community Health Centre at McLennan certainly catches one’s eye. Left-right are the hospital’s admin support II Ashlee Clarke, and the hospital’s Indigenous health liaison worker Terry Calliou. The banner was donated by High Prairie School Division.

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Just like the seasons, the tree located in the lobby of the Sacred Health Community Health Centre in McLennan keeps changing colours.
Until the end of October and early November, the tree is adorned with orange decorations in recognition of Orange Shirt Day and Truth and Reconciliation Day.
The idea came about from the hospital’s Indigenous health liaison worker Terry Calliou, and Ashlee Clarke, admin support II. Calliou says Clarke came to him with the idea and did most of the work.
“It was her idea,” says Calliou. “She asked me about the idea and I encouraged her.
“She decorated the tree and made the ribbons.”
The orange colours are the chosen colours for the special day set aside each year. The tree “changed colours” the first week of September.
Calliou says the tree makes staff, patients and visitors happier and cheers them up.
Clarke says she bought most of the decorations herself and made the ribbons.
“I think there are a lot of untold stories that need to be told,” says Clarke referring to the Sept. 30 holiday.
And if the tree can in any way help people share those stories, all the better!
After October, the tree will change colours after Halloween into traditional red and green Christmas colours for the holiday season.

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