$400 billion deficit with no hope, says Viersen

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Peace River – Westlock MP Arnold Viersen is less than impressed with the ruling Liberal government’s latest fiscal plan delivered Dec. 1.

“Prime Minister [Justin] Trudeau’s update makes it clear that he still has no plan to help the millions of Canadians who are looking for work or the tens of thousands of businesses who have been hard hit by the pandemic,” he says.

“Instead, the Liberals are running a historic deficit of almost $400 billion bankrolled by the Canadian taxpayer’s credit card. The fiscal update is filled with spending goodies designed to promote the next Liberal campaign platform, not help the Canadians who need it.”

He adds despite Trudeau’s spending spree – more money than any other country in the Organization for Economic

Co-operation and Development – Canada’s unemployment rate is 8.9 per cent, second worst in the G-7 after Italy, and almost double the United Kingdom’s unemployment rate.

“Canadians want their lives back,” he says. “That means they need access to vaccines, rapid testing, and a real plan to support businesses and workers.

“While the Americans and the British are talking about starting vaccination next week, our government is only talking about getting Canadians vaccinated by September. The Liberals failed to deliver that today, so we cannot and will not support this update,” Viersen says.

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