The 36th annual Carnaval de St. Isidore a great way to spend the Family Day weekend

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The 36th annual Carnaval de St. Isidore, happening February 16, 17 and 18, has a Pirates du Nord theme and, as in former years, the Carnaval will feature great music, fun winter activities, traditional French Canadian food, snow sculpture competitions and a hearty portion of pirate joie de vivre.

The three-day Carnaval de St-Isadora has established a reputation as a quintessential Franco-Albertan cultural event, providing an opportunity for people from all cultural backgrounds to enjoy the food, music and traditional customs of Francophone-Alberta.

The annual celebration, which has offered a taste of the vibrant francophone culture of Northern Alberta since 1982, attracts Francophone and Francophiles from all over Alberta and various parts of the country.

During the Family Day weekend, the Carnaval highlights Francophone musicians and artists and while staying within that French Canadian cultural context, the scope of musical and cultural presentations is eclectic, covering a broad array of form and style.

While kids enjoy all aspects of the St-Isidore Carnaval with the maple taffy and hayrides being particular favourites, the event caters equally to adult tastes.

As with the scope of artistic entertainment, there is also a wide variety of French Canadian dishes, ice sculptures, Dukes and Duchess Competition and Pirate Night in the Gazebo.

The Carnaval always highlights French Canadian artists from the local Francophone community as well as performers from across Canada.

Among those to be featured at this year’s Carnaval, are St. Isidore troupe Plein Soleil performing folk dances with a local spirit. Lés Twés, also from St. Isidore play contemporary Francophone music. Musician, historian and storyteller Roger Dallaire is returning to perform.

Les Tireux D’roches, Le Fuzz, and Jeremiah McDade, Roger Dallaire, Isabelle Cliché of Amazing Smile Makers are also among the acts scheduled to perform.


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