32 people participate in snow cross event at the Little Smoky Ski Hill

Aerial views of the Little Smoky Ski Hill. A snow cross event was held there on April 7, which included snowboarding and skiing. Clem Bourgeois photos.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff


It was the last day of the season, but plenty of skiing enthusiasts made their way to the Little Smoky Ski Hill on April 7 to participate in a snow cross event.

“It was a blast,” says Manager Clem Bourgeois. “It was amazing to see how much the kids improved throughout the season.”

The Big River Ski Hill was vital in making the event a success, he adds.

Approximately 32 children participated in skiing and snowboarding, in several age categories. Bronze, silver and gold medals were awarded.

The winners of the ski event are as follows:

Six and under
1. Beau Bourgeois and Allegra Dubrule, tied, 35.84 seconds.
2. Gaven Gagne, 36.48 seconds.
3. Piper Roy, 44.51 seconds.

Seven to 10
1. Noah Davis, 32.69 seconds.
2. Zac Dubrule, 34.33 seconds.
3. Justin Tokarz, 35.33 seconds.

10 and up
1. Joshua St. Andre, 28.54 seconds.
2. Annick Aubin, 29.96 seconds.
3. Daniel Roy, 33.57 seconds.


The winners of the snowboarding event were as follows:


Ages nine to 10
1. Jordyn Bedard, 33.42 seconds.
2. Nora Dubrule, 37.46 seconds.
3. Dezlyn Gagne, 40.87 seconds.

Ages 12-15
1. Myia Dreyer, 31.54 seconds.
2. Taiya Davidson, 32.96 seconds.
3. Brenna Davis, 36.18 seconds.


Ages 11-12
1. Dawson Dreyer, 31.18 seconds.
2. Jalil Levesque, 34.63 seconds.
3. Heath Davis and Cohen Davidson, tied, 34.69 seconds.

Ages 15-16
1. Evan Novak, 30.3 seconds.
2. Isaac Krieger, 30.66 seconds.
3. Cobe Kroeker, 31.66 seconds.

A big air event was also held at the ski hill and here are the results (full names not available in some instances).


Six and under
1. Zoe.
2. Allegra Dubrule


Seven to 10
1. Eli.
2. Noah Davis.
3. Justin Tokarz.

Ages 11-12
1. Annick Aubin.
2. Joshua St. Andre.
3. Nathaniel Reid.

Ages 13 and over
1. Dawson.
2. Cohen Davidson.
3. Evan Dubrule.


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