2021 Municipal Election: Town of McLennan – Mayor

Terry Calliou

Hi! My name is Terry Calliou.

First of all, I want to thank the citizens of McLennan who have supported my candidacy for mayor, for the community of McLennan.

The citizens of McLennan and the M.D. of Smoky River and surrounding areas, have been faced with a challenging couple of years, but I am very confident that we will have better times as we forge ahead.

Our community of McLennan and its unique spirit and generosity continues to play an important part in getting us through this difficult time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our community in the most fundamental ways: it has impacted our everyday lives and on our interactions with family and friends; our workplaces and our schools, our businesses and our frontline services, all these have been affected dramatically and my greatest hope is that we all unite as one to bring community strength towards a healthy recovery.

The unforgiven pandemic has brought great sadness to the many who have lost loved ones, and my thoughts are with those who are still struggling to come to terms with their grieving recovery processes.

My commitment as mayor for the Town of McLennan for the next four years, will bring a unified voice in promoting extensive provincial and federal government infrastructure advocacy while ensuring our town is not forgotten and that we become a progressive and innovative community for our town’s future generational growth.

I strive to present several areas of commitment deliverables as your town’s next mayor:

* To address the issues facing of our Socio-Health Care infrastructure in our community and area;

* Advocate to both provincial and federal governments to ensure, that they identify more permanent funding commitments for the region’s healthcare facility;

* Revisit to gain regional recognition and support with Alberta Health Services to ensure that we receive adequate healthcare services for our hospital;

* I look forward in opening discussions with the youth and seniors in the community in the creation of community events and festivals for the town of McLennan;

* Look at building a strong economic base through revitalizations programs/projects consideration for our community;

* Secure a collective approach towards a new realistic tax review and consideration of change to accommodate the concerns arising from the community voices of McLennan;

* And most all creating that governance voice that protects our community members and the history that sustains the livelihood for the town of McLennan.

In closing, I remain a subject as your future mayorship servant. I wish to also extend my thanks to everyone that have expressed their support to date for my candidacy for this exquisite position as mayor. I look forward to working with you all as we work collectively for a better future for the people of McLennan.

Jason Doris

My name is Jason Doris. I am running for mayor of the Town of McLennan.

I have lived in McLennan for the last 10 years with my wife and three daughters. I currently work for the High Prairie School Division and am a business owner. I have spent four years on town council previous to this last term. Roughly two of them were spent as mayor.

I chose not to run last election to focus on the business I had owned. But with a change of career, I feel I now have the proper time to dedicate to this role.

With the last two or so years of chaos in the world I feel much has changed. Lives have been turned upside down. Normal is something completely different and still a work in progress. Everyone is looking for guidance and answers amidst all the confusion. Values have changed.

Now, more than ever, we need a strong community. We need groups to come together to work in harmony. We need leadership that can help us all along the way and have a vision for what lies ahead.

If elected, I will commit to working with council to strengthen the Town of McLennan. I will work on plans to attract business and growth, not just for now, but for the foreseeable future. I will promote a better relationship with our neighboring communities to ensure the well-being of everyone in our M.D. I believe my past experience on council and in business will help me do this.

McLennan is my home and holds a special place in my heart. I am committed to its prosperity.

Michele Fournier

I am running for mayor of the Town of McLennan.

McLennan is my hometown which I have a passion for. We live in a safe and caring community. A lakeshore of beauty and some amazing sunsets for us to enjoy.

Over the past four years council was able to lower the residential mill rate from 19.5 to 16.45 and the commercial mill rate from 29.5 to 26.5. This was not an easy task, tough decisions were made and there is more work to be done and I am up to the challenge along with any decision to be made in the next four years.

I am a hometown girl with a passion for McLennan.

Vote Michele Fournier for mayor.

Two other candidates are running for mayor. They will be posted if received.

Jon Buchinski

Dwayne Stout

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