2 homes burn at Kinuso

An April 24 house fire in Kinuso. Photograph courtesy of the Kinuso & District Volunteer Fire Department.

Joe McWilliams
For South Peace News

House fires are – thankfully – rare in the hamlet of Kinuso. Two in one month is almost unheard of, let alone two on the same morning, but that’s what happened April 24.
According to district fire chief Everett Samuelson, calls about a house and a mobile home being on fire came within 20 minutes to half an hour of each other that morning. It would have been challenging enough for the volunteer department to handle, but there was more.
“We had a water main break,” Samuelson says. “No water in Kinuso.”
Help came by way of fire halls in Faust, Joussard and Slave Lake, bringing water in tank trucks; however, both homes burned.
The house was located on the south side of the hamlet of Kinuso. The mobile home was on Hwy. 2, just east of the Swan River. Someone was living in the house; the mobile home Samuelson said he wasn’t sure.
Asked if the fires were related, Samuelson said, “it’s under investigation.”

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